Payroll Outsourcing

As India leading HR outsourcing company, SGC Service ( has a well-established and robust payroll system in place that is a combination of state of the art software platform, expert know how and a strong payroll team. 

Payroll is about taking care of your most important asset – Employee People.

It has two perspectives to it – employee perspective & Employer perspective. The payroll service provider has to take care of employee requirements, yet ensuring that the employer is compliant according to all the applicable laws.

SGC uses the unique blend of 3 Ps to achieve this – People, Platform and Professionalism.

Outsourcing of payroll process allows companies to avail the above mentioned at a reasonable monthly cost.

Payroll outsourcing

Payroll Services 

We have well defined SOPs, quality standards of accuracy and SLA’s for each of our processes.  We minimize data handling by automating most of the tasks. We base our Payroll processing rules and logic on the opinion of our knowledge experts who closely monitor the various government and Tax regulations.

Multi-level of maker and checker ensures detection of any variances / minimises chances of any errors. Independent QA team monitor the work of the main processing teams. This enables us to provide highest quality service and achieve near 0% defect.

Our People & Quality Standards

We regularly train our Payroll team in accurate processing, client servicing and compliances. This adds to their knowledge and experience to handle diverse set of payroll needs. SGC’s employees are committed to the company and the clients. They appreciate and understand that a satisfied employee is the mainstay of a successful client.

We have designed our platform, processes and interfaces; trained our people to satisfy the requirements of our two main customers – employees and their employers.

Payroll Process Technology and Data Security

SGC main business comes from referral clients. Clients refer other clients to us. That itself speaks for our relationships and our commitment to our clients.

SGC prides itself in using the optimum blend of technology and human touch to create the best experience for our clients and their employees. We have automated and customised our EIS (Employee Portal) to provide most of the information that employees require regarding their payroll. At the same time, we maintain highest quality standards – having obtained both SSAE 18 – Level 1 & 2 certifications. Through all these measures, we deliver confidential information in a secure, accurate and reliable manner.

Payroll Reports

Loan Reports

Other Reports

Statutory Reports

Professional Tax Statement

Income Tax Reports

IT Computation Statement and Report

Salary Register

Option to update the Employee Master for Computed Income Tax Amount.

Form 16 / 12 BA

Form 24 / Form 24 Quarterly

IT Challan Details

We are confident that the SGC Services Payroll Processing offering will not only reduce your internal costs but offer superior value on three fronts:

This suite put information in the hands of line managers, employees and corporate staff for better control. We currently manage more than 5 Lakh transactions and have tight standards for responsiveness

We are confident of being able to service your needs and offer a peace of mind for you to focus on your core business needs

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